Window Cleaning Poles – Water Fed Poles


Window cleaning poles. Also commonly known as water fed poles are fast becoming the industry standard in window cleaning.

The old traditional method of using a bucket and squeegee etc is being less used as window cleaners find the overall safety and flexibility window cleaning poles give you.

Window cleaning used to be an art form, basic in its execution, though, many tried and failed.

Most falls to window cleaners involve the use of portable ladders large and small that are basically mounted on top of vehicle. In recent years figures for accidents reported to HSE and local authorities show that between two and seven window cleaners have been killed each year in Great Britain and about 20-30 suffer major injuries as a result of falls involving ladders. As you can expect, this is a relatively small problem as accidents go. Not if you’re a window cleaner though. A great deal window cleaners suffer less serious injuries that result in several days off work.

The man in the street would probably relish a few days off here and there, but not if you’re a window cleaner who is self employed and doesn’t receive any sick pay.

What’s The Solution?
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The window cleaning pole/water fed pole

What is a window cleaning pole/water fed pole?

A window cleaning pole/water fed pole is basically an extended carbon fibre (or other materials) pole that is made in sections that extend. You can generally get them in various sizes from 10ft to 45ft and higher, though it is considered a little pointless going higher as they are less effective.

The process of and methodology behind the pole is where pure water is pumped through a hose reel, up the telescopic window cleaning pole/water fed pole and passes through jets. These jets are located in the brush that is found at the top of the window cleaning pole. These jets spray a light stream onto the surface of the glass and the operator just agitates glass loosening the dirt. With simple upwards and sideways movements the glass is clean in a matter of seconds.

Any dirt or dust particles held within the glass are simply flushed away by the constant stream of water from the jets.

Can you use normal tap water to wash a window?

The simple answer is yes. Well, yes and no actually. You can get your window clean using normal tap water, but the water has calcium particles and lots of impurities that would be left on the glass once the water dries. You would have that milky white effect where you’d be able to write your name. Not what I would call a clean window.

Pure Water You Say?

By pure water, I mean of distilled water or de-mineralised water. This water doesn’t exist naturally. It has to be made by using a process of de-ionised resin vessels, pre filters, filters and water softeners. It’s quite a simple process and pure water can be made either in a van, office or even your home. My pure water system is nicely packaged in my garage at home.

When this pure water is applied to the glass by way of the window cleaning pole/water fed pole, there is no mineral content or calcium etc; thus, when it dries on your glass your windows are perfectly clean since the pure water has been able to absorb the dirt.