Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

America federal government maintains numerous law enforcement companies throughout it’s many departments using a myriad of roles and responsibilities. Some of the more well known federal law enforcement agencies are the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), The United States Marshal’s service (USMS) and the United States Secret Service (USSS).
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Each of these federal agencies has completely different roles and responsibilities within the police force community. There are several dozen federal agencies in existence and their responsibilities run the gamut from static protection of federal government lands and buildings to proactive patrol, protection and investigations.

Government law enforcement agencies are able to enforce each federal as well as state laws throughout the united states and possess full police forces granted to them under the United States Code. Most law enforcement officers employed by federal agencies are not referred to as police officers but are officially designated as ‘Special Agents’. Many federal agencies preserve both plain clothes as well as an uniformed division, one well known example of this is actually the United States Secret Service. Although many in the public are familiar with the neat, nicely dressed men and women who they see shadowing the president of the united states where ever he goes and speaking regularly in to their coat sleeves, exactly what many people don’t know is that there is also an uniformed division that is responsible for protecting the particular White House, the US vice presidents official home in Washington in addition to protecting foreign diplomatic missions within the Washington DC federal district.

Becoming a member of a federal agency can be a long and involved undertaking. The hiring procedure can take up to a year or more time in some cases and includes written plus physical tests as well as a stringent history investigation. The hiring process typically will include a psychological test and job interview as well as a polygraph