Encourage Negativity in Your Digital Marketing

It really is All about digital marketing,

I hear far too often from medium towards the larger corporations that the biggest worry they have with any digital marketing strategy, predominantly utilising Facebook, or any social networking platform for that matter; the possibility of receiving damaging comments on their Facebook business webpages etc .

Well that is an interesting idea; aren’t they saying categorically they expect negative comments because they possibly don’t believe in their product or they have got concern about their ability to provide an accepted level of service to their client? They consider a digital marketing strategy along with Social Media dangerous to their brand, this is so typical with corporate Fat Cats operating in a safety net, whilst collecting their large salaries, but achieving nothing…

So from the starting point they do not have faith in their product? After that why on earth are they in business or even why on earth do they work for an organisation that they fear! What say we they just improve their game and get back to basics? OK, Im side tracking again.

Or even easier compared to that, encourage the negativity, have a tendency fear it. After all, it is that negativity that can help them strive to the perfect product or greater assistance; the negative comments are off their customers or potential customers, shouldn’t these people be listening (or engaging) with them? Of course they should! That is what digital marketing is all about.

Marketing has moved into a completely new paradigm of client engagement, (due to many digital advertising techniques) listening and evolution. Traditional marketing techniques are not only coming back, they may be back, and to top it away relationships are being forged like no time before.

Facebook, as one example, has provided an opportunity for the first time in history to create a someone to many and many to one communication platform for business. A business can marketplace itself to many people at once (like the TV, radio or even print media) BUT Facebook allows for the many in order to chat back, and not only to a person but to each other.

To not embrace this particular paradigm shift is not only foolish, yet naive. Embrace digital media.

Today let me assume that many of you are conscious how important your use of digital media, and more so Facebook, for your business is; you have setup a Fb page and started to post articles. Great, BUT , you have to do it correct! Facebook is about engagement and romantic relationship building, some of you will recognise that concept to brand marketing. Well that’s exactly what it is. It is a platform for you to market your brand, not relentless selling as many do. It is a key part of digital marketing with Social Media.

Let me get back to what motivated me to write this post. I had observed a rather large business, in the Wellness niche, post a comment on Facebook about health insurance (obviously, that’s the actual sell after all) They apparently got inundated with some negative comments.
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This is fine, but it’s what they did next that was a disaster! And it’s not the first time I have seen this particular done, and certainly wont become the last. Instead of addressing (engaging) with their potential customers they made a discuss the post stating that they have taken out some comments due to the nature of these. EPIC FAIL! especially for a digital marketing business. The only comment they produced was to highlight that they censure their content. Does that not cause you to question their integrity as a business? So the opportunity to engage and possibly gain respect, and more customers, had been blow out the door; not only did these people not engage (which incidentally this site rarely does) but they had this kind of disrespect for the potential customer that they removed their comments.

I am not having a try at this particular business, I have a close friend whose business does some great stuff on Facebook, but they don’t indulge! They miss the number one reason they may be digital marketing on Facebook; engagement and building a fan base (customers and potential customers). They regularly write-up some great images, and I always create a comment, but not once has right now there been a response to my comment! Once again, fail! A business should make it policy to have the last word on ALMOST ALL comments on Facebook. The concerning point here is this particular business outsource there Social Media to a supposed expert.