How to Make Your Boyfriend Want to Spend More Alone Time With You? Read These Tips Right Now

Young woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset

If you feel that the guy who was running behind you and pursuing you so madly is not spending enough time with you then you might be doing a few things that are keeping him away. Here is what you should do so that he will want to spend more alone time with you.

Let him have his alone time first
The first thing that you have to do is give him the freedom to be by himself. The more you pester him the more he will want to run from you. Let him have his alone time for a while and soon enough he will get bored with the all male company and will want to spend time with you.

Look delicious
You want to entice him to spend more time with you and for that you need to look absolutely delicious. Dress smartly and smell divine. Every moment he spends with you should be a joy and be sure he will not tire of spending more alone time with you.

Let him speak
More often than not a girl does all the talking while the guy just nods his head. Now turn this scene over its head and let him do all the talking while you look deeply into his eyes. If you don’t go blah, blah, blah…. He will not get bored spending time with you.

No nagging
Nagging is the biggest deal breaker. If you want him to do something then use tact rather than nag him to death. Use your charm to get things done your way. Under no circumstances should you give him the ultimatum that it is “either my way or the freeway”.

Have life outside the relationship
It is important that you have a life outside the relationship too. Your guy should not get the impression that he is the center of your universe. This will relax him a lot and he won’t mind spending time with you.

Make him laugh
You don’t have to be starry eyed all the time that you are with him. Crack jokes and keep him in good spirits. If he has fun when you are around there should be no reason why he won’t like spending more time with you.

Reward him
This is the most interesting tip. Whenever you are alone with him make sure that you get physical with him. A breath sucking French kiss, a little bit of petting or fondling will keep him interested and he Low self esteem will always want to spend more alone time with you.