Another Kind Of A Fairy Tale Love Story

“The sweetness of doing nothing & cuddling only the one you fancy all your life! Oh, wouldn’t that be so great and fun?” a strange talking monkey ask to a Princess of the land. “Of course it sure would and not only that, it would really make you feel so good and comfy as well, hmmmm”, with a sweet smile of reply and with her very delicate graceful glance, she stretches out her right arm and tenderly caresses the monkey’s right ear with her soft fingers, which gives tingling sensation to his senses. “Mmmm”, a low weak sigh of relief and comfortable sound given back to her. A peaceful smile written all over his face while eyes are mischievously watching her every moves. An animal instinct from craving of the food he fancy but had left himself starving and thirsty in this Lost Island of Nowhere. He woke up one day in a dessert and as he walks to find his way, he ran vigorously when he thought he heard a sea wave from the south. He headed straight to it, with his left eye now so blurry and could not see clearly the beauty of this blue ocean. Though his right eye was shooting with pain caused by his sudden fall from the sky, as he remembered, he took off from the jet as instructed, but now his right eye was totally blind, yet he still managed to run fast to reach the ocean. But as he approached the open sea, the water was so clear that he began to dip his barefoot on it but was surprised of what he saw. He saw his reflection. He is a monkey.

“It worked the experiment, really worked!” His thoughts cheers with him wonderfully. He just wanted to relax and calm himself. He sat down by the shore, he closed his eyes and now slowly, the headache and pain on his right eye gradually vanished. The nerve endings surrounding his right eyes receive blood supply that is now continuously flowing through his veins. His heart which beat so fast becomes calm. He then managed to open his eyes and he can now appreciate the beauty of the blue water in front of him. He got up and then started to approach the ocean to splash in, but it stopped him when he noticed a lady struggling to get up. She is the Princess of this Lost Island of Nowhere. Every day, she comes to the ocean to swim but she cannot swim. She does only to give herself the enjoyment of dreaming that one day she will meet her king and brought her out away from this island that had left her captive for several years now. The strange people in this island kept her here because they need her beauty to shine on them. The people in this island give her all her wishes except that she cannot leave, she should stay. She knew at the back of her mind that she does not belong there. Although she receives all the luxury she can ask for, she knew in her heart that she misses something. She just cannot figure it out yet what it is that even though she cannot swim she keeps coming to this ocean and always looking afar. She believes in her heart that there is another world beyond that blue ocean.

He knew that if he will approach the lady and help her get up safely on the shore, how would he, he is a monkey. “I would scare her off!” his mind argues to himself. But he looked around and everybody is busy, no one notices the princess. He bravely approached her and when the princess shouted for help, his hand was ready to catch her and brought her on the shore. The princess must have hurt herself so bad that all she could think of is to have herself on the shore and did not even notice that a monkey had helped her.

He assisted her to sit down and just watched her. He noticed how beautiful she was and has wanted her for himself.:”But not in this world, I am a monkey” he murmured to himself. The princess looked up and she was surprised that a monkey helped her. But she was not scared at all. She found this monkey harmless. He got white fur and smart deep brown eyes which are now locked so curious staring on her shapely body. Her cotton shirt now soaked and wet baring her sexy hips and full rounded breasts.

She smiled at him so sweetly and she appreciated his help. That was the day it started. The adventures of the astronaut monkey had begun.

Every now and then the Princess has a day to look onto. She makes sure to find quality time spending her day with her new found friend in the island, this white mischievous monkey.
She found him very funny and adorable. There is no dull moment when she is with him. She learns to swim because of him. She cannot imagine that every time the monkey began to splash on the water, he swims like a frog. He jumps, he can go deep down the water without worry of drowning. She enjoys the company of this amazing animal. Where he came from, definitely she had no idea. She just thought that perhaps he is lost too, like herself. She woke up one day and here she found herself she is the Princess of this Lost Island of Nowhere. But spending time to this monkey lets her not bother herself to ask why she is here in this island at the moment. All she can think of now is to spend quality time with her new friend. “I am not worry at all anyways this monkey talks, and he is smart, I kind a like his company, he never bore me”, she thought deeply on this but then again she had this wish that one day she will be out from this Lost Island of Nowhere.

In another universe there lives a gorgeous Queen. She is known as a mother, a sister, a friend and they all call her as the Queen of All the Cookies That Is. One thanksgiving night she gathered all her children and all the people. Everybody has all their fun and eat their heart out celebrating this precious moment with their kind and loving Queen.

When the party was over the Queen went up to her glorious tower. She went straight to her comfortable and soft bed to sleep the night away and look forward for the coming new day. “Children and the people in my universe are all happy they have all what they needed to be happy about”, her thoughts content her but at the same she quietly spoke to herself “I wonder whether there is another universe like ours? I wish I could have a chance to get a glimpse of it….”

Her thoughts and wishes caught the attention of the powerful Force that was very active at that moment. The following day, she never gets up. She remains sleeping for years…Her children and her people continue to lavish their Cookie Universe through the loving grace of their Queen that bestowed love and care on them. This Cookie Universe becomes known to all other universe and at present so busy receiving all kinds of creatures to their land. She becomes the wealthiest and famous universe in the whole galaxy.

Capt. Cake of the Limbo universe, a universe which is around 6 billion stars away from the Cookie universe was assigned to protect the Galaxy. He is the bravest and the brilliant astronaut in his primetime. For years Capt. Cake experimented on training monkeys as pilots and astronauts. He was very successful on achieving this and then he came up on another breakthrough on having an astronaut monkey to fly but with the mind of the real human being. He completed this special machine and said to himself that he should make the exploration by himself first. Once succeeded with this mission he will sit as the crown king of the Limbo Universe.

All the planets in the Limbo Universe cheered on him when his super jet set on. The Limbo super jet reached a space from where an astronaut monkey was ready to fly and explore the galaxy but with the special gadget and chemicals injected to his veins that his brain is somehow connected to a real human brain. This chemicals and gadget injected to the monkey’s veins will serve as a connector and bridge to another body that has the same content injected. A wave like particles which is not seen by the naked eye will transmit and receive information to and from the body to the other living body.

Capt. Cake went to sit to his unique invention machine. His officers helped him, injected the same special gadget and chemicals that was also given to the monkey. His eyes are left open but he was sent to sleep deeply. He will be aware on everything that the monkey will see, feel and experience during the exploration but his human body will remained safe and seated on his machine.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..the monkey’s rounded jet sets off. Then the monkey is instructed to jump off….and he did.

For several days, since he landed to this Lost Island of Nowhere, he never saw anything that interests him at all. The land is very rich but it lacks life. The only best thing happens every day in his world as a monkey is the Princess of the land. He promised himself to chase the princess wherever universe she belongs to. He will be crowned King of Limbo Universe once he finished this mission, so he intended to bring his chosen queen to his palace. He knows the monkey’s body won’t last long to live in this island. The chemical is set for only a week time then the monkey’s body dies. But the gathered facts that took place in the event since the monkey landed until the monkey’s body wears off will stay recorded to Capt. Cake’s brain as vividly as if he experienced it all by himself. That is the beauty of his new breakthrough invention. And it worked. All the planets in his universe will be very proud of what he had accomplished. All human beings of the galaxy will be safe in time of war if there is any anyways….

“It’s time”, his mind wonders as the monkey sits under the coconut shade where he waits for the Princess to come. He becomes weak now. He chose just to sit and wait for his princess. As soon as the princess arrived, he expressed his thoughts to her the beauty and sweetness of just doing nothing but only cuddling the one he fancy.If you have any issues about in which and how to use tyga love quotes , you can make contact with us at our own web-site.

They just sit there together side by side. After few minutes he began to struggle, his body trembled and his temperature went down because the chemical has expired and is totally gone now. The Princess gently brought his head near her right chest. Slowly he looked up and once again stared on her beautiful face and said. “I can’t explain to you what magic happened with me with you in this island but you really make me feel something and I will search for you all my life”. I will find you and when I do you will remember me once you looked on my eyes, you knew it’s me”, and then with eye opened, he’s gone. Her heart sobbed with loneliness but she was touched by this monkey and gave her faith that one day they will meet again in another universe.